Don’t Let Divorce Wreck Your Finances

An excellent article from CNNMoney describes many of the issues people need to take into account when planning their divorce.

The key message from the article is that thinking through carefully, not only the division of assets,  but your future cash flow, is critical to your mid to longer term financial health.  As part of both our consulting services and our mediation service, we help people with financial planning for the future so that they have a sound financial footing for moving forward after divorce.

The divorce process can be very expensive if you decide to punish each other in the process, or try to hide assets, or just be unreasonable.  You can often achieve an agreement you both think is fair without resorting to costly litigation, but only if you decide you are going to approach your divorce as a win-win and not a win-lose.

For more, read the entire article by clicking here.