Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

We have considerable experience in drafting QDROs for attorneys and their clients. We prepare QDROs for all types of defined contribution plans and most defined benefit plans (pensions).

Our process for drafting QDROs is:

  • having the attorney or client provide the information we need
  • obtaining clarifying information from the attorneys, as many times all the areas which need agreement have not been specified in the separation agreement or court order (we urge attorneys to contact us before they have finalized the separation agreement so that all terms can be included in the SA)
  • drafting the QDRO
  • send draft to attorneys for their review
  • send draft QDRO to plan administrator for review
  • send the plan-approved QDRO to the attorneys for filing with the Court
  • Once the Court has signed the QDRO, it is the responsibility of the client to send the signed QDRO to the Plan Administrator for implementation.

We charge a flat fee for QDRO drafting, payable at the time of engagement.

  • Defined Contribution Plans $350
  • Defined Benefit Plans $500
  • PERA DROs:  special combined rate of $350 for all the Participant’s PERA plans

Individual Retirement Plans

IRAs are not qualified plans and should not require a separate court order for the Plan Administrator to transfer funds to your ex spouse pursuant to your divorce decree.  Check with someone knowledgeable at the institution managing your IRA to find out what their procedures are.  Typically they will have a form for you to complete and will ask for a copy of your divorce decree or signed separation agreement.

For more information on QDROs and other court orders for dividing retirement plans, please go to our specialist web site:  https://www.mcbrideqdroservices.com

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