Getting Started with Mediation

Divorce with DignityIf you are both NOT represented by Attorneys

  1. Read our About Mediation page to assess whether mediation is right for you and to find out what happens in our first meeting.
  2. Call for an initial free half hour consultation.  303.867.1400
  3. Both complete our Mediation Intake form, and bring to the meeting.
    Download the PDF form here.
    Need a pdf reader?  Click here.
  4. You can start gathering your financial documents and information.  For a list of the documents you and your spouse are required by the Court to disclose to each other: PDF version.
  5. In addition to your incomes, assets and liabilities, you will need to start working on what your on-going living expenses will be once you are divorced.
  6. Our financial software is a useful tool in helping you to organize all of this information.   Click here for PDF instructions on how to access the software.
  7. You do not have to have filed a Petition of Dissolution of Marriage with the Court before starting mediation.  Sometimes, it is not good to file the petition, particularly if you need to refinance your house quickly.

If one or both of you are represented by Attorneys

  1. Decide if your attorney is going to attend the mediation with you.  If so, then have the attorney’s office phone us to arrange the mediation.
  2. If the attorney(s) is/are not going to attend the mediation, then call us to make the appointment, and be ready to let us know what the issues are that need to be mediated.

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