For Divorcing Women, Becoming Financially Knowledgeable Is Crucial

By Danielle Andrus in

This article discusses the need for women seeking a divorce to make sure they get solid financial information before consulting with an attorney.

I think that this advise holds for men as well.

Whether you are the primary breadwinner or not (or the husband or wife), getting a solid handle on your financial situation (assets, debts, income and expenses), and understanding how this is likely to impact a financial settlement with your spouse, before you meet with an attorney, can save you a lot of time and unrealistic expectations of what the settlement might end up being.

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2 Responses to For Divorcing Women, Becoming Financially Knowledgeable Is Crucial

  1. Anna Spoering says:

    I am in need of some advise. I am trying to divorce my husband, but from last contact he is unwilling to work with me, and doesn’t want to end it. I however am scared for my safety and don’t feel safe being home with him. I don’t have a lot of money, and just need help with filling out the papers and how to best handle the situation. Any advice or help would be great! Thank you, Anna

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