Divorce Litigation Support

gavelClient facing divorce often come to us initially to assess their financial situation should they decide to initiate the divorce process.  We can help identify what information is going to be needed and the range of possible financial scenarios that they may face after divorce.

We assist parties and their attorneys with the following in litigation situations:

●  Collecting financial information and organizing and analyzing the financial disclosures

●  Assessing lifestyle/spending history to determine the need for maintenance and child support

●  Determining income for maintenance and child support purposes

●  Assisting with the preparation of a marital balance sheet and the allocation of assets and liabilities between the parties

●  Tracing financial accounts when there has been co-mingling of separate and marital funds

●  Producing pension valuation estimates and assisting with QDRO drafting.

●  Helping to devise maintenance agreements which meet the needs of the recipient over time as well as the ability to pay of the payor.

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