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You Have Choices

If you are facing divorce in Colorado, you and your spouse have important choices to make. You can divorce with dignity and grace, or you can have a battle where neither of you, nor your children, will win. Learn about your choices.

Divorce Mediation

Our mediation practice is designed to help those in the divorce process to reach agreements that they feel is best for them and their future restructured family. We use a needs-based, collaborative and facilitative approach to help find practical solutions to the challenges facing those who are divorcing.

Divorce Financial Consulting and QDRO Preparation

We help divorcing people (whether individually or jointly), and their attorneys, on many the financial aspects of divorce, including preparation of possible settlement scenarios, cash flow analysis, separate property tracing, life style analysis, QDRO preparation, etc.

About Us

Steve McBride is a highly experienced mediator and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst who has helped hundreds of people through the divorce process since 2003. Steve McBride Colorado divorce mediator and financial consultantAs a financial specialist, he brings experience, knowledge and financial tools to the mediation process to help parties increase their understanding of the issues and reach better decisions.
We believe that divorce is one of the most difficult challenges that people face in their lives. It is filled with mixed emotions and uncertainty about the future. The more you know the less anxious you will be, and thus will be able to make better, well informed decisions that will affect your future. Our site contains a lot of helpful information particularly about the financial aspects of divorce.
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